About the event

The widely acclaimed and well-recognised conference regularly attracts international audiences of over 250 delegates from more than 30 countries.  

DPSP is superbly placed in the industry to bring together academics, consultants and engineers involved in the application, ownership, management, design and development of system protection and control systems.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be amongst the protection industry frontrunners.

2020 attendee statistics

DPSP 2020 took place at ACC Liverpool on 9 – 12 March 2020.

It attracted 247 attendees from 27 countries, representing over 75 organisations.

The conference showcased the latest developments and innovations across power system protection and control systems, with 137 papers published in association with the conference.

Who attends DPSP?



“DPSP combines successfully the academic research, the developments of relay vendors, and the experience of utilities.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend a world class event.”

“I enjoyed the diversity of stakeholders: academics, manufacturers, producer or distributor of electrical energy. Each has specific needs and each one has a different approach, which is very rich.”

DPSP 2022 Steering Committee

Conference Chair

John Wright, GE

Steering Committee

Richard Adams, PSC
Prof Campbell Booth, University of Strathclyde
Rannveig Loken, Statnett
Abraham Varghese, GE
Dr Dave Hewings, Network Rail