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Technical scope

The DPSP organisers welcome abstract submissions exploring, but not limited to, the following subject areas:

Evolving technologies and future networks

  • New protection principles and algorithms
  • New software solutions for protection systems
  • Digital substations: protection aspects and architectures
  • Application, design, and best practices for timing and synchronisation in protection systems
  • Application, design, and cyber security for protection communications and integrated systems
  • IED functional integration and impact on reliability, availability, and maintainability
  • Roadmap for protection and control systems: centralised protection, virtualisation, digital twins, and new operating principles
  • Protection-focused condition monitoring and situational awareness
  • Conventional and non-conventional instrument transformers: experience and lessons learned
  • Protection implications for future networks with emerging technologies: heat pumps, electric vehicles, energy storage
  • Impact of the energy crisis on protection technology evolution

Protection of networks

  • High-voltage and ultra-high-voltage transmission networks
  • Distribution and low voltage networks
  • Offshore networks
  • Microgrids and islanded networks
  • DC networks and point-to-point DC links in AC networks
  • Converter-dominated networks with reduced fault current and lower inertia
  • Impact of grid codes and standards on network operation and protection
  • Impact of energy crisis on network operation and protection
  • Impact of weather on network operation and protection

Industrial network protection

  • Asset protection
  • Protection-focused monitoring and diagnostics
  • Load shedding and load balancing schemes
  • Bus transfer schemes


  • System integrity schemes and wide area protection
  • Protection of generation systems and grid interconnections
  • Protection issues during black start and network restoration
  • Plant and substation protection
  • Protection of electric transport systems
  • Configuration management and maintenance and obsolescence strategies for protection systems Human aspects in protection and control
  • Commissioning and testing procedures and tools