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Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities

DPSP (Developments in Power System Protection) is one of the only conferences dedicated solely to power system protection.

Not only does it provide the opportunity to learn, keep up to date and network with new and existing colleagues, but it will also allow delegates to get to grips with the challenges facing us all now and in the future.

Whether it’s lead generation, brand awareness, networking and collaboration, thought leadership, a new product launch or geographical expansion you have in mind, our team will work with you to build a bespoke sponsorship and exhibition package that best helps you achieve your aims.

We have a range of options including exhibition space, speaker and panel slots, workshops and lanyard sponsorship.

We are proud to have welcomed over 250 attendees from 20+ countries to our recent 2024 event in Manchester.

We're looking forward to welcoming you all at our next conference event in Hong Kong in January 2025.

Why sponsor an IET event

Engineers explain why they sponsor the IET’s events

An insider view of the IET’s events

From our previous sponsors:

“DPSP is quite a famous conference for bringing engineers together. This gives us an ideal platform to talk to the experts and to learn from the experts, and also pass what knowledge we have with our products and our proficiency in testing onto the experts - and that interaction is a fundamental part of our values.”

David Brazier, Country Head, OMICRON Electronics, 2022 co-headline sponsor

“It's the content of the papers and the people who come to them, really, that make it one of the ones that we always want to attend.”

Karl Gerhardt, Product Promoter, Siemens, 2022 sponsor

“Only people who know this very compact industry attend this event, and it's very valuable to see them every time and educate them about our products, but also to see what others are doing, what they're developing, and to see the most recent publications.”

Sertac Seckiner, technical design information specialist, ABB, 2022 sponsor